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You see, this mentoring site is for you, the youth ministry worker, the committed one who ends up carrying the weight of responsibility and expectations for ministry with this vital age group. You feel it.

Andy felt it too. He did not set out to be a youth worker, but that’s what he ended up doing – youth ministry. He gave it his best shot. He did well. He planned activities and events for the young people. However, there was  a problem,

Now, don’t blame Andy. He was doing what he knew to do. He was giving it his all. But, you know, what you don’t know can be a problem.

Fortunately, Andy got connected with one of our programs. He was open. He listened. He took it all in. He learned. It was as if the scales fell off. He realized that he was running a social club and not doing ministry. He was in effect beating the air because he was without purpose.

He thought about the young people in his ministry. He thought about what he would like to see in their spiritual lives in the future. Much was at stake. He would change.

Now that Andy has learned why he is doing youth ministry and has made changes, things are different. Not only does he have purpose and focus, so does his youth ministry.

Andy continues to seek out venues, on and offline that help him to continue to keep his focus and get new ideas to implement. He finds that as he does this, not only are his youth growing. He is growing.

Part of the problem Andy faced was that when he took on the position of youth worker at his church, there was no one to mentor him. There was no one to help him with his purpose and focus, and give him ideas that he could use right away. Fortunately, he took advantage of the programs we have.

So, what do you do when you are the only person speaking the language? It’s like that with youth ministry sometimes, isn’t it? You are passionate about the youth and everyone is like, “Okay. Whatever.” You want to have an engaged conversation about youth ministry and the people around you just want to know that everything is alright. You’re not sure that you’ve got it right, but who cares? As long as you show up and do something, right?

It’s time to get rid of that sinking feeling of being alone in the middle of the ocean on a flimsy life raft. Even when you’ve been at youth ministry for a while and have a good direction, you can still use a community to journey with you.

With Purpose Setters, you can gain a partner in youth ministry who will journey with you, encouraging you and helping you to be extraordinary.

You have so much to offer. You see the potential in you, your youth, your ministry.

Unlock your potential. Be a Purpose Setter. Register today.

What you’ll get:

Support to minister with purpose and hope as you:

  • Receive spiritual nourishment.
  • Get encouragement and practical ideas and suggestions to meet your situation through weekly mentoring calls.
  • Receive all onlne youth training that youTheology releases on a monthly basis.
  • Get all youth ministry lessons that are released during a month that addresses current issues and theological topics.

All for the unbeatable sum of $10.00 per month, $100 for 12 months when paying for a year.

You can’t beat that. You can’t even get a good dinner for that price.

What are your young people worth to you? You decide.

Why don’t you click here to join and belong to a group of people who lead with purpose and hope? Your young people deserve no less.

I stand ready to welcome you.

Director of youTheology.

I have always found Claire’s knowledge of youth ministry and her ability to reach and train youth and youth workers through relationship building and partnerships exciting and refreshing.  I value her as a colleague in ministry. Rev Michael Pope

“Claire Smith has a unique capability to blend academic, theological, multi-cultures, and contemporary society into easy to understand messages for youth. I see her understanding the link between technology and how this is a key element of youthful lives and can be integrated into religious activities in powerful, appropriate and seamless ways. People (especially me) are always learning from her without feeling that they are being lectured or ‘taught to’ – this is a wonderful gift.” Lee Svet

Dr. Claire Smith has a wonderful way of providing a dynamic learning experience that is theologically and biblically informed, engaging and practical through multidirectional teaching! I appreciate her passion for God, teaching and youth. I look forward to future learning experiences with Dr. Smith. Rev Kelsey Hopson

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